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beau visage™
Beau Visage™ is a new Client Consultation system that enables therapists to capture and track before-and-after images of a client's face, enabling them to assess the impact of products and treatments before those changes can be seen with the naked eye.

Skin tone is the secret of a youthful appearance.

Scientific research has shown that an even skin tone can reduce the appearance of age by as much as twenty years. When we are young we have an even, luminous skin tone. As we age our skin gets thinner, dull and skin tone becomes uneven or blotchy, making us look older.

Beau Visage™ is an advanced skin imaging and consultation system...
developed for the aesthetic and beauty industry. Beau Visage allows you to view up to 2mm beneath the surface of the skin and analyse the components responsible for the way a client looks and ages, such as blood, melanin and sun damage, based on the health of their skin, a skin age can be calculated.

Beau Visage™ is backed by science.
Beau Visage is backed by science and powered by SIAscopy a technology that is trusted globally to help diagnose skin conditions as severe as skin cancer.

SIAscopy provides images that show how blood, melanin and collagen are distributed beneath the surface of the skin. These pictures help doctors to examine the skin and diagnose the extent of skin conditions and skin cancer. They can also be used by aestheticians to measure the effectiveness of skin treatments such as lasers and chemical skin peels.

SIAscopy is the only single technology that can measure blood, collagen and melanin "in-vivo" (without the need for biopsy).

What is SIAscopy?
SIAscopy understands the way light interacts with skin; the manner in which it scatters or bounces, the amount absorbed by cells and other structures as well as the differences changes in wavelength or colour make.

By understanding these interactions and comparing readings as light is sent into the skin and emerges back out, SIAscopy is able to determine the nature and position of many of the different cells and structures within skin.

In particular SIAscopy measures the amount of haemoglobin, melanin, collagen and whether melanin is in the epidermis or the dermis. The information is presented in the form of maps called SIAscans, which show how these measurements vary over the skin.

The light used by SIAscopy is completely safe and painless, which makes it a perfect technique for monitoring skin conditions.

Why not ask us if Beau Visage is right for your skin needs?
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