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coolglide laser: YAG
The CoolGlide laser was the first (YAG) laser cleared by the FDA to permanently reduce hair in patients of all skin types, and those who are tanned or tanning. Clients can remove unwanted hair from arms, arpits, legs, bikini, chest, back and facial hair year round using the Coolglide™.
Limelight Laser

About the 1064 nm Wavelength
The 1064 nm wavelength was initially controversial amongst laser users. One reason was confusion about the use of a longer wavelength with weaker absorption by melanin. But it is important to remember that melanin, the target chromophore for hair, is also contained in the epidermis. By using a longer wavelength with the right parameters, the hair bulb is reached and the wavelength bypasses the epidermal melanin thereby offering protection to the outer skin. With Cutera's ability to provide the required combination of pulse width, spot size and fluence, excellent results can be obtained on patients with all skin types.

Advantages of CoolGlide CV Laser Technology
1064 nm wavelength with the 10 mm spot size provides the penetration depth to reach the hair bulb and bulge targets.

Large 10 mm spot size is ideal for large or small areas.

Pulse durations are long enough to spare the epidermis but short enough to efficiently heat the hair.

Unique and proprietary power supply allows optimization of pulse width, fluence and repetition rate across the full parameter range. Other 1064 nm lasers sacrifice one of these parameters, limiting clinical efficacy or speed.

Gold-plated copper cooling offers more than ten times the thermal conductivity of the sapphire windows (most common method of cooling), thereby providing the most efficient method of removing heat from the skin.

Before and After
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