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laser hair rejuvenation
Our Sunetics Model G Clinical Laser system is the most powerful Low Level Laser Therapy device available in the US and International markets. Cosmetics Physicians around the world are experiencing incredible clinical success with the Sunetics Model G.

How Laser Bio-Stimulation for Hair Improvement works... Hair follicle weakening can occur in the scalp's vascular network when the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT disrupts the binding of essential proteins and nutrients to cells in the follicle. In time, this lack of nutrients leads to a weakening of the hair in the follicular site.

Regeneration of new and healthier cells in the scalp can increase hair quality, hair thickness and hair growth.
Bio-stimulation using a laser at 650nm is reported to increase nutrient transport and cellular ATP production of cells in the inter-membrane space of the scalp. Furthermore, increased ATP synthesis dramatically increases the mobilization of calcium ion (Ca2+) stores and cell signaling cascades that lead to increased protein production, intracellular nutrient acquisition and cell proliferation. This process ultimately leads to a decrease in DHT-dependent disruption of follicular protein and nutrients loss and to the maintenance of healthy scalp hair.

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