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skin brightening facial peel

When you have skin issues that go beyond what an Alpha Hydroxy Acid can treat, Jessner’s solution us a popular treatment for melasma and discoloration. Jessner’s Solution is composed of salycilic acid, lactic acid and resorcinol.
3-4 days of social downtime may be required.

Facial Peels at Oshun House

Discover the visible results and benefits of a skin rejuvenating facial peel. Whether you want a quick fix
or more long term results, facial peels remain a cost effective treatment.

This quick and effective treatment is clinically proven to treat all skin concerns including;
aging, sunspots, acne, dry skin, keratosis pilaris, and post procedure care.
Facial peels allow your technician to control the treatment
for maximum results and optimum skin rejuvenation.

So why not ask the experts at Oshun House
if a Facial Peel is right for you?

Why not call us about our in-office chemical peel?
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